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Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Market Is Now Officially Open!

Thought you have seen everything? think again! DeepDotWeb is proud to announce the most recent Dark Net Market: Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Dark Net Market

The market was announced simultaneously on DeepDotWeb &  on Reddit by its north Korean admin – DPRKAdmin:

Hello citizens of the world. Today is a day to remember the good, huge Democratic People’s Republic of Korea entrance to the dark market internet.

The market is accessible at this url: http://dprk56755233hhfa.onion.market

koreamarketWe’ve been granted a special pre-launch access to the market’s English version, the front page the market states:

We host our servers in the DPRK (Korea) and are immune to US imperialist interventionism. While we in the DPRK are communist; we have a mutual capitalist venture with our Southern imperialist counterparts in the Kaesong Industrial Region.

Currently there are not many vendors operating on the market but here is a quick view of the available products and categories:



Features of the market includes:

  • BTC price live on NK Wons
  • CAPTCHA is to prevent the robot USA & includes insults at Capitalism!
  • Invitation code for registration
  • Filled with our popular suppliers Since cheap cannabis because legal
  • English support with Korean also!

Opening day comes with no commission only!

The market will be added to our marketplace list.


  1. Can I get an autographed picture of the dear leader with my first order? I think this will be my new go-to market, tyvm!

  2. Jupiter laughing


  3. Hahahaha Hank, is that you? Where’s the meth? All I see is a bunch of pot. That’s not how the glorious republic of NK rules,they’re methed up, not potted out!

    This April Fools day may your light shine on all corners of the republic of North Korea, and may your jokes be glorious.

  4. ReaallllyyyyNoooowww

    This is absolutely bad. I already read about the crystal meth trading activities of North Korea, but they take even one step further. People in this country get imprisoned if their grandfather has done something against their weird nonsense law-system. Even though I am really not a fan of the western politics, this is way to evil to spend even one dollar on this. I hope this is just a joke and somehow dragging attention to the fact that a place like North Korea can even exist.
    Good Night silly world

  5. it at least much faster than BB…

  6. loool.. try to enter the korean captcha!!

  7. in this case at least we will know whon to blame for the exit scam and the only way to catch him will be to wage war on… wait a minute… THIS IS UNCLE SAM TRYING TO RECRUTE JUNKIES AND VENDORS FOR THE US ARMY!!!!

  8. This makes me suspicious. Ordering drugs from Korea is like the worst thing to do. Makes me think though, if I ever wanted to frame my enemies, then I could just order large quantities of crystal meth to their house and tip the police.

  9. It’s interesting that cannabis is actually listed as legal in DPRKA. Possibly because it’s been used for centuries there.

  10. Those are the wrong products displayed in the picture. Why? Because 2000kcal a day are already considered chemical tuning in the people’s republic so that black market would have to sell chemically boosting stuff like cheeseburgers and pizzae. That would be the real real life satire.

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