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Grams: DarkNetMarkets Search Engine

Edit 3.5.14:  An interview with the Grams Search Engine Admin

This privacy-minded search engine is a development the dark net community was anticipating for a long time. Grams is a service that offers a way to search for products across different dark net marketplaces. They are currently indexing products from markets, more will be added soon. The service is currently in Alpha release, as noted by Grams’ administrator: “Grams is in alpha mode, meaning we are just getting started. We would love your input on features to add or take away. Please don’t be too harsh this is not a finished product.”

>>>Attention: Use VPN with Tor! Click here to see the best VPN’s<<<

The Reddit introduction post can be found here

Want to save time searching the Dark Net markets?

General info from the FAQ:

Which markets do Grams search?

Right now we are searching Agora, Pandora, and Silk Road 2… but it only took us a week to get these integrated in to the site. We will be adding more in the coming weeks

How does it search?

We are working now to evolve our algorithm. As of now it just searches by keywords in title and descriptions. We are planning to add a lot more very soon. See the next question

Why don’t you make it do this?

We are working on many new features. We will be adding a lot of other information in to the search algorithm. There will be a scoring system based on keywords, number of transaction, good reviews, and number of click from our site. Based on all that we hope to return the best results possible. Later down the line we will be adding a sort feature to sort by price, country, and market.

How often do you index the markets?

We search for new listings once a day. We update current listings every 3 days

Search engine home:


grams search engine

Search engine results page:

grams SERP

Grams plans to run from advertisements which will pay for ongoing security and development costs, we wish the creators all the best and we hope to see this service develop into a fully functional search engine that indexes listings in from all the existing marketplaces. This can not only save people time, it could also improve safety.

Added later: For more info about Grams and its related services visit this url.


  1. how can I seach “GRAMS”

  2. After All Happened To Tor And Lots of attacks from CIA and other guys from Police, i think that it could be just like the way that google goes. they want to isolate the deep web from the surface web so they need to create a search engine that everyone trust it then they can control the data. It’s a holly trap yoah!!!!

    • Richard Bartel

      The Tor breach either was an insider woman helping the FBI, or it was the tracking of the “Capcha” communications on the login pages.

      • Richard The Second

        So Richard, it was a woman but not in the way you think it were.

        Minulý týždeň som sa stretnúť sa s mužom tu Jacek Schloemer, ktorý sa snaží predať svoj priateľka Intel ruských mafiou. pracuje niekedy ruskej tajnej sesrvices a našiel muža, skrýva v USA. mr Schloemer bol rozrušený s ňou takmer rok hovorí, že ho opustila pred psychicky rok a nikdy sa vrátil, aby ho milovať. chce ju zaplatiť ruskej mafie, ak budete čítať tento chrániť jej, že dobro vo svojom srdci a duši. tento muž jej bol hlupák.

      • Many people install tor, or tor browser and think they’re anonymous and safe.

        People need to be aware that ror is not 100% reliable or safe as a means of protecting your privacy online.

        In order to be properly safe, you need to do a little reading and research, change your habits when accessing sites, and ideally you need to be using a VPN (many are available cheap) in addition to using tor which gives you an extra layer of security and makes man-in-the-middle attacks much less likely.

        Another thing people need to understand about tor..certain things you do in your browser can make it quite easy for people to find your IP address. You can google this or read about it on tor’s own website so I won’t go into detail here.

        Suffice to say, you DO need to learn how to access the web securely, beyond just installing and using tor if you want to be untraceable.

      • If this is secure and ones anonymity is respected whats with all this registering , in order to post or view Alpha bay and other markets ?

        I cant even access this site using Tor Onion browser . And now they are indexing , sending info to government agencies , if Reddit believed in true freedom they would tell Governments to fuck right off to fucking hell . Seems no one has the balls to stand up to these 4 letter agencies . But we do . “We are one We are many Like the shadows in the night we are Legion”

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  6. Don’t use this site. The reason people use Tor and Hidden Services is to avoid centralization.

    Using this site is the downfall of the deep web. This is doomed for failure and we should learn from our mistakes. Please remember the provider “FreedomHosting” whose servers were seized and we nearly lost 25% of the deep web.

    • olddirtmcgirt1

      i am sorry i am new to this but i do not want to fuck anything uo for anyone so what your saying deeodotweb is fucked or grams cyuz i use deeodotweb but i dont use grans cuz even i know the shit is faulty faggty and punk police

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  11. How does a person search for guns on Grams? I’m kinda new to this and haven’t quite figured out how to use the site yet.

    • jeky77

      Most weapon vendors are FBI scams. Do a lot of research before buying guns on the DNMs. And always, always use Tails, go to DarknetMarketNoobs for more info.

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  13. im an old head and actually just got my first computer 6 months ago. i wuz just tryin to learn u know and i downloaded tor and got on tom and dream market. but i didnt have usb or all the the other shit then and when i tried to use my passwords for these markets they didnt work. to much xanax or what. give advice. hey this is so fucking beutiful to see shit like dark web. for a while i thought freedom wasnt being assaulted i thought it was dead.hope the motherfuckers behind this site go on forever.

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  17. How do I access the site, register as a member?

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  23. No problem with one site showing all there is to offer as long as the links to the sites are encrypted!! And by and expert not a newbie.. And it will still keep them guessing… Besides every time we change servers that is one more way they can track us and backtrack to the real deal… with proper encryption it wont hurt us but still… Just keep as much encrypted as possible, Slow them down a lot if nothing else… and hopefully when they get past it, it will have changed!!

  24. hi guys i am in need please help….okay i bought bitcoin from localbitcoin and instead of sending it to my wallet i figured it may be faster if i just had it sent to my address on the drugmarket. This is the site 4yjes6zfucnh7vcj.onion.market/home/
    but when i chose the method of depositing in a bank account to get the coin, i did all that and afterwards i just was waiting. Well 3 hrs goes by and it has 4 confirmations and still no bit-coin in my account on the drugmarket site so i email the localbitcoin site, they say it should be in my account. Then hr later its at 6 confirmations and says that it is on my bit-coin address i submitted to, but still its not on the site!!! my question is what do i do now the localbitcoin site will not answer me, they just say it should be on my account. i can not post messages on the drugmarket site to ask the person running it what to do, so is there a way to get the bit-coin off that address and sent to my wallet or possible to make it appear, even though by now it obviously is having some sort of problem. please help anything you can do to fix this situation please let me no

    • First of all, what are you doing using a market thats not even listed here on DDW?

      i just made a tester account here and it seems to me like the listings are clones from SR and the whole platform is a intricate ruse to make money from people like you.

      had you ever made a successful order there?

      bottom line is only the admin can fix the problem of the ammount not updating and if it is just a bug only then wil you be able to withdraw. otherwise the only person who owns the pivate key for that account it the admin.

      i wuld advise you to use a known trusted MULTISIG market and NEVER send straight from the bitcoin trader to the market. it may be longer but in this case laziness has lost you your money.

  25. There are some rumors circulating that the is possible a Darknet version of Google’s Schema.org Structured-data system. There is supposedly a DarkNet Marketing Firm that is currently developing it and collaborating with Gram on certain aspects

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  29. Anyone else having problems connecting to the site or is it just me?

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  31. Are there any sites with lists of “pill mills” or dirty doctors who’ll write anything. Location would be Michigan.


  32. Im new to deepweb. Can anybody give me links to government leak sites and this kind of interesting stuff?

  33. Is there an engine like Grams that allows for the use of operators? let’s say I’m looking for a special machine but not for hacks on how to hack coca cola or ATM machines, I wanna look for “machine -cola -atm” but it doesn’t work on Grams…

  34. is there any site wich is more expanded than the hidden wiki

  35. Wasn’t the primary goal of the dark web to be unindexed? :/

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    Who or where can I obtain tax returns for a small USA company?

  39. Looking for a legitimate hacker/black hatter to do some server penetration and information collection. No malicious activities. Just discreet information collection.

  40. Grams are endorsing scammers.
    That’s a fact.
    And I allege them that they know it.

  41. Why not bug this site;
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    Tor does count on a bit of money –

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  43. I installed Tor Browser and tried to access the site grams.onion.market just to get an error:

    The proxy server is refusing connections
    Any idea why?

    • HappyCoder

      you need to check that your tor proxy is set up correctly. going into menu, options, advance, network, settings. use manual proxy, all should be blank apart from socks host: port 9050 SOCKS5

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  47. I used the Grams URL provided ( grams7enufi7jmdl.onion.market/) and the resulting page says “502 Bad Gateway” I’ve searched for and used Grams successfully in the past, but currently it is not working.

  48. I have the same problem…

    “502 Bad Gateway”

  49. hitting the grams-link, all i get is a white page – not even bad gateway or page cannot be displayed, just nothing. Blank page.

  50. Need addies 30mg new to this installed tor on top of another vpn but grams isn’t working is there another way to find the reals and not fakes?

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  54. Does anyone know which market “TheDrRx” is on now that AB has gone belly up?


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  62. wheres the dark web links at?

  63. who’s very wise and successful in the ways of the dark side. Mentor me>>

  64. GRAMS and Agora reloaded were run by the same scammers.

    How come we never saw any information about Agora reloaded on DeepDotWeb.com?

    Something to think about.

  65. new search ????

  66. Is grams down??? The onion address above isn’t loading

  67. My darknet exists in my basement off the grid. People keep complaining they can’t find it or connect to it. I tell them maybe its their isp.

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